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Snow crab, or Chionoecetes opilio, caught in the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean, owes its name to its snow-white meat and "frosty habitat".

Super Snow Crab has typical for crab meat fiber structure and delicate crab flavour.

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"TOKIMO" TM Snow and Super Snow Crab is an analogue of delicatessen crab meat produced from elite surimi using Japanese technology.

  • Unique Product in the Russian Market
  • Japanese Surimi Production Technology
  • Product of the Highest Quality

SNOW CRAB is a light and healthy snack as it is a low-calorie product made generally from fish protein (surimi). You can also cook a lot of delicious meals, such as salads, soups, rolls, using snow crab.


Суша и ролы Салатов из морепродуктов Японского Мисо-супа Пиццы из морепродуктов